COVID Header Activity

Client Brief

Create an online induction course with the option to use the information in a blended learning / live workshop environment. 

Employees should be able to complete the entire induction course before the end of the probation period, in order to be employed permanently by die company.

The Challenge

The challenge in particular with the COVID-19 safety content was that, with the exception of the company policy and contact numbers, the content was not fully developed to justify a full eLearning module.
With the guidance from an SME a complete module was developed, including interactivity and games to keep to user engaged and informed.

Target Audience

 Internal staff in multiple offices across South Africa with thousands of employees.

ID Solution

Welcome to Covid-19 Awareness. In this unit, you will learn more about Covid-19, how it spreads, and the [COMPANY]’s policies regarding safety and prevention of the spread of the disease.
Click on the activity below to start learning.

Sound Icon

SOUND | This activity makes use of Voice-Over to explain hard to understand concepts. Turn on your computer sound or plug in your earphones to get the full experience.

My Involvement

My contribution to the project:

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Cost estimation and determine project timeline, taking into consideration the amount of work and resources available.

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Project Management.
Manage team members and deadlines to achieve project delivery on time and within budget.
Liaise with the client in regards to queries from the designers, questions from the client and deliverables.
Content Development.
Work with SME's to develop content for material with insufficient or difficult to understand information. 
Design and develop units, including the COVID-19 Safety unit.

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Post Project

Follow up with the client after the course pilot launch have been completed and signed off.
Complete project report for management, determining positives and areas for improvement in overall project delivery.
Support and maintenance to the client for the first month after launch.