Wilmari vd Merwe

Wilmari van der Merwe


[eLearning & Graphic design]

“A dream without a plan of action will never become a reality.”

Hi, welcome to WB Design, it is who I am, it is what I do and it is what drives me every day.

Debbie Millman said that we as designers have a high level of responsibility in society. We take invisible ideas and make them tangible. She was right, design is the one thing we interact with daily, it directs us, guides us, and excites us.

WB stands for “Wees“, to Be. Be aware of our environment, what surrounds us. Be in the moment and not just a spectator. Be a part of something, be the influence in the change you want to see.

I love to travel, to experience other cultures, places, food, music, art, and people. Immersing myself in these different environments where we learn from others, and most importantly learn something new about ourselves.  
These are the key elements we need to understand when conceptualising a design or process. We need to understand how people think and act in their natural environments as this will influence the way they will interact with a design.
It is with this principle in mind that I approach my design projects. Not only looking at the content provided, but also how people will interact with, absorb or learn from it, and ultimately apply it in their everyday lives.

Design should not only be pretty and functional, it should improve and teach as well. Jeffrey Zeldman rightfully said that “Content precedes design. Design in the absence of content is not design, it’s decoration.”. Content is intrinsic to its value and design should contribute to the substance of the experience.

My experience in the corporate and education sector gives me a unique perspective on the development of modular, performance-based training content. Using the language of design I want to equip people to respond to their environments.

So let’s take hands in solving problems while giving your audience something great to interact with.

Professional Profile

With more than 15 years of experience in the instructional design and educational printing fields, Wilmari van der Merwe holds in-depth experience in both the design and printing of marketing collateral, and development of educational materials and books for schools, colleges, universities and corporations.

As experienced Project Manager and Lead Instructional Designer for high profile clients, Wilmari specialises in developing and redesigning online courses and curricula, while creating additional innovative supporting material and training manuals. Her experience in the Corporate and Education sectors provide a unique competitive edge on the swift-evolving future of education in online learning.

She is an effective collaborator with operational teams, trainers and subject matter experts (SMEs), owning the emotional quotient (EQ) and relationship-building prowess to foster trusted, enduring partnerships that deliver learner-centred, performance-based instructional theories and adult learning principles in multi-modal instructional settings.

Wilmari presents fluent and influential client and internal liaison abilities, with the mentorship capabilities that translate into memorable training, workshop presentation and coaching sessions that not only drive Continuing Professional Development (CPD), but also boosts the bottom line and cultivated brand representation.

She is a digital nomad and technology expert, with the creative abilities to deliver innovative, visually and pedagogically sound solutions that meet problem statements with on-point solutions, without fail. As Course Developer, Project Lead and Designer, Wilmari excels in equipping clients with Learner Management Systems.

With intensive global training under the belt on the latest in inkjet printing technologies, Wilmari is not only fluent in production, but also in the development of modular, performance-based training content. She adheres to the highest standards in quality, efficiency and scalability – presenting as a multi-skilled and dynamic leader of high-performance, geographically dispersed classroom and eLearning education teams.

Career Objectives: Consultant / Team Lead in Instructional eLearning Design [Local / International]

Design finds the
solution to a problem.
It is ideas made visual


BlueRooster Media
Joined the startup team of this company – since then gathering more than 5 years of Instructional Design and LMS Experience | Currently leads the development of company-branded courses for sale to clients online.
Led the design team securing a preferred eLearning Service Provider contract with a listed international firm.
In 2019, presented a Workshop to the Resource Centres of South Africa’s Department of Labour, titled “Critical elements to make eLearning more accessible and engaging”.

Colourtech Printing
In June 2016, joined the production team that launched the first Scene TruePress Jet520HD Inkjet Printer in Africa and attended training in Amsterdam. Promoted to Lead Trainer and Project Manager, helped to start up the Division, setting up systems and training 2 employees to run the Division prior to returning to the Training Division. Launched and ran full production within 3 months of installation (against a global norm of 5 to 6 months).

BCS Business Communication & Graphic Design
(Graduate 2006 from NWU)

Performance Management; Nimico, 2018
Introduction to Social Media Marketing; Shaw Academy, 2018
Introduction to Web Development; Working Webs, 2008
Introduction to technical aspects of the theatre; NWU, 2004

2019 |  Dept. of Labour – Resource Centers:
Critical Elements to make eLearning more Accessible & Engaging

Microsoft Office Suite 85%
Adobe Photoshop 75%
Adobe Illustrator 90%
Adobe Indesign 92%
Articulate Storyline 91%
NEW SKILL | Adobe Character 43%
Moodle 82%
  • Fluency in Microsoft Office applications.
  • Adobe Illustrator, Indesign and Photoshop and proficiency with the Articulate Storyline.
  • Proficient in the set-up, branding and management of Moodle as LMS.